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Thursday, May 8, 2008

Biking on Broadway

I had the chance to ride my bike down Broadway and back on my way to a doctor's appointment today. I'm not a very good bicyclist... actually this is my first ride on the bike in at least a year and a half. I just had it fixed up again at Velo, and decided it was time to break it out for a quick ride over to Swedish.

Not having had much experience riding recently, I was a little nervous. But I have to say that I found Broadway to be pretty darn bicycle-friendly in terms of other cars. People were curteous... didn't turn in front of me, didn't race to get ahead of me, etc. I did keep a special eye out for people opening their doors in parked cars, however... I'm not that bicycle-naive.

My only qualms about my ride were that the road is uneven and crazy bumpy in some areas. And once I got to my destination (one of the Swedish buildings way south on Broadway), there were no bike racks in sight. I ended up parking in the Seattle U campus and walking a block or so.

Any other bike riders out there? What are the best bike routes on the hill?

Friday, May 2, 2008

Planning the new Broadway post office

Taco Bell, the old QFC and Twice Sold Books aren't the only thing being torn down on Broadway -- you also are getting a new post office. The USPS is starting the public process to discuss the project and get input from citizens later this month. Bring your postal concerns to the Community Meeting Room of the Capitol Hill Library at 6pm, May 14. Or you can mail them to some guy in Texas.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Sunday, May 11: Farmers Market Opening Day

It's that time of year for the start of the Broadway Farmers Market!

The market is held in the lot behind the Bank of America at 10th Ave E. and E. Thomas St. and it will run every Sunday until November 23 from 11-3pm.

This is a great way to connect with local farmers and see what delicious foods are grown right here in the Puget Sound region.

"In the spring, look for beautiful lettuces and braising greens, plant starts and other early harvest offerings. As the season progresses through summer and fall, you'll find all kinds of local berries, cherries, peaches, apricots, herbs, greens, summer and winter squashes, tomatoes, peppers, root vegetables, apples, pears, wild mushrooms, and more."

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Sneaky mayor installs surveillance cameras in Cal Anderson

Yet another reason why Capitol Hill needs a representative organization like the CHCC

Apparently Mayor Nickels took it upon himself to install surveillance cameras in Cal Anderson Park without notifying our community. He also didn’t include the Seattle City Council on his decision, and used funds from an alternate account in order to avert a restriction the council put on purchasing surveillance cameras last year. Sneaky bastard!

I say we protest by visiting the park with paper bags over our heads. Er, um, maybe the CHCC will have a better idea…

Monday, April 21, 2008

Resurrected CHCC to hold Candidate Forum this Thursday!

While having some not-so-good pizza at Bill's on Sunday, I noticed this headline in the Seattle Gay Newspaper: "Capitol Hill rejects Sound Transit's warplane décor". I was intrigued because (a) the warplane decor is an issue I've just recently become aware of (which I'll address in another post) and (b) I didn't realize Capitol Hill had a functioning representative organization.

It turns out the organization the SGN was referencing was the 43rd District Democrats, who passed a resolution against the proposed warplane art. I like the intent of the resolution. However, I'm concerned with the fact that the article implies that the 43rd District Democrats (a district that covers Capitol Hill, Fremont, Madison Park and Wallingford) are representative of our community.

That said, there hasn't been an organization that is better suited for the representative role... dot dot dot... until a few months ago, when a blogger decided to resurrect the Capitol Hill Community Council.

Ta da!

The CHCC has actually existed for a number of years, but went defunct a few years ago after their efforts to limit the height of new buildings on Broadway were not successful.

As it turns out, a new group of leaders are emerging within the organization. They are holding elections for President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer roles in the next few months. There is a candidate forum on Thursday at the Capitol Hill Arts Center.

I think the CHCC is reconvening at a very important time for our community. And I'm looking forward to participating and supporting their efforts this year. I hope you will too!

CHCC Candidates Forum
Thursday, April 24th
Capitol Hill Arts Center (12th and Pike)
Details: http://chcc.wikidot.com

Weekend of Meals on the Hill

I've been on vacation for the last two weeks and, despite the wacked out weather, it's nice to be back on the Hill.

In celebration of being back, I've been eating out as often as possible. This weekend I hit the following:

  • Breakfast @ Joe Bar. I ordered my standard jamon and greyere crepe and Irish breakfast tea. I also threw in large glass of AJ, which was awesome.
  • Lunch/Dinner - At home.

  • Breakfast @ B&O. The best meal of the weekend. My usual chorizo with ranchero scramble. Hold the potatoes and add fruit. Mocha.
  • Lunch @ Bill's Off Broadway. Something was off with their crust, which soured the whole pizza experience. I'm hoping the dough just wasn't given enough time to rise, which caused it to taste flat and dry. I usually love their crispy, greasy crust!
  • Dinner @ the Vegetarian Noodle Bowl. My first time here and I wasn't impressed. I ordered their tofu satay appetizer as my meal, having had a big lunch and breakfast. The tofu was tolerable, but their peanut sauce was dripping in grease. My eating companion also thought the Thai iced tea was "earthy". I'm not sure if that is a good or bad thing.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Advance tickets on sale for Block Party 2008

I (shamefully) have never been to the Capitol Hill Block Party! Maybe this year.

From Neumo's email announcement:


Friday July 25: Vampire Weekend, Les Savy Fav, Girl Talk, U.S.E, The Dodo's, Jay Reatard, Akimbo, PWRFL Power, Past Lives, Black Eyes And Neckties, Champagne Champagne, Plus many more!!! Click Here For Advance tickets for Friday.

Saturday July 26: Surprise Guest!!, The Hold Steady, Chromeo, Kimya Dawson, Darker My Love, The Builders & The Butchers, The Hands, Vellela Vellela, The Physics, Man Plus, Little Party And Bad Business, Plus many more!!! Click Here For Advance tickets for Saturday.

You can also buy a 2-day Discounted Pass. Click Here For 2-Day Pass Tickets.

Tickets for The Block Party go on sale Friday April 18,10:00am. The Block Party continues to be one of the least expensive festivals in the country, with tickets only $18 in advance and a 2 day pass for only $34. Special Presale Starts TODAY!, 10:00am, through the links listed above. Password is BLOCKPARTY.

For More Info visit The Block Party Site on TheStranger.com. Tickets Available at www.ticketswest.com, All Seattle Rudy's Barber Shops, Select QFC's, Moe Bar/Neumos Seattle, or charge by phone at 1-800-325-SEAT.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Public toilet no longer?

Our public vessel of crime, er toilet, may be going away. It sounds like a reasonable plan for the city given the $800K yearly maintenance costs and the fact that they aren’t exactly being used as intended.

Actually, given that ours is located in the lot of a vacant building, I’m not sure how Seattle City intended it to be used in the first place. There isn’t much of a reason to walk past it unless you’re on your way somewhere else… a somewhere else with a nicer bathroom to boot. (Note: Excluding bathrooms in bars on Pike/Pine.)

At first I was concerned that taking away this public bathroom would cause our alleys to become bathrooms instead. But then I remembered that our alleys are already bathrooms… specifically the one behind Half Price Books where I see people defecating at least once a month in broad daylight.

Maybe this will push the crime to the public toielts in Cal Anderson?

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

It's all coming down

Haven't seen with mine own eyes yet (took the 12 to work this a.m.), but received this St. Paddy's day note from neighbor Jerry:
It's all coming down. I watched them tear down the façade of Manray a few hours ago. And they’re still at it. I can’t wait for them to tear down that ugly building on the corner. I’ll be cheering for that.

The end begins.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Tiffany's on the hill.

I haven't had a chance to take a photo of it yet, but the old Wingdome has a fresh coat of paint.

And if it hasn't already jumped out at you, think Tiffany's.

I don't know if that corner lot would be the best location for an upscale jewelry store. I hope they choose to add a second coat.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner for Darfur on Tuesday

Dine for Darfur is back on Tuesday (3/4). You could have all three meals at participating locations on Capitol Hill....

We went to the Coastal Kitchen for last year's event. It was a packed house! I'm going to try Via Tribunali this year.

Cafe Vita
Cha Cha Lounge
Coastal Kitchen
Linda's Tavern
Pagliacci Pizza
The Broadway Grill
Top Pot Doughnuts
Via Tribunali

Friday, February 29, 2008

Bus wire down this morning...

You can't quite see it in this photo (taken with my phone) but there was a bus line down at Pine and Bellevue this morning. It was quite the mess, with lots of flashing lights and crew. I'm guessing it'll be fixed by the time I go home... King Country Metro is good like that.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Seattle Culinary Academy

"This is one of Broadway's best kept secrets," a customer informed me one day. It is true that many people are unaware of all that the Academy has to offer. You can buy artisan breads and European style pastries at the student operated bakery that is located near The Buzz espresso stand. Additionally, the Culinary Academy operates two restaurants and one express lunch option that features delicious cuisine prepared by the students Tuesday-Friday.

Seattle Culinary Academy Vision Statement: We envision a world where chefs equitably impact human and environmental wellness through culinary education.

Seattle Central Community College
1701 Broadway

Hours of Operation:

Breads and Pastry@The Buzz Tu-Fri 9:30am-4:00pm
Square One Bistro & One World restaurants, offering seasonal international cuisine with a NW flare Tu-Fri 11:15-1:00pm
Chef's Express, a quick way to enjoy a gourmet meal Tu-Fri 11:15-1:00pm

Monday, February 18, 2008

Two Late Night Food Options

Has anyone else had the predicament of finding food near Broadway late at night? I know that after a couple of beers at the Stumbling Monk, I want to get some food into my body in order to feel alright in the morning. There is always the Broadway Grill or Charlie's, but sometimes it is more convenient is to take something to-go. In an effort to be fair there is also Dick's or Jack In the Box, but I'd still rather find another option. On that note, I have discovered two fantastic late night options: Tacos Gringos, open Tu-Sa 8pm-2:30am and Amante Pizza and Pasta, which is open until 3am every night. Both are located on the 1500 block of E. Olive Way.

At Tacos Gringos there are three taco options at $2/ea, two meat and one veggie. (I tried goat for my first time and it was great.) The tacos are on the smaller side, but that makes them perfect for a late night snack. At Amante's they had four types of slices available and I was impressed by the quality of my late night slice. After all, even though it's the wee hours of the morning, it is still nice to eat something that's delicious.

Beautiful Stephanie @ Vivace

Something to try... The Beautiful Stephanie drink at Vivace on Broadway. The baristas recommend it instead of chai tea (which is what I usually go for when I'm in the mood for a caffeinated beverage made by someone other than me).

The Beautiful Stephanie has earl grey tea, a squeeze of carmel syrup, vanilla, cinnamon and steamed milk. It's much lighter than a chai tea. Loved it.

By the way, what an awesome day! I spent the afternoon strolling around Broadway with Carina. The sun was out. The people were out. It felt like a Sunday afternoon in late-May...

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Big Rig Artist @ Capitol Hill Art Walk

Plan ahead people...

The artist chosen for the Capitol Hill Light Rail Station, who also did this amazing piece at Burning Man last year, is speaking as part of the Capitol Hill Art Walk next week.

Meet the Artist Mike Ross
Seattle Central Community College
Room BE-1110 (Entry near Broadway Performance Hall)
Tuesday, February 12th

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Winter Blues To-Do List

  • Buy some flowers at the shop on Broadway/Republican
  • Play a board game and sip a hot beverage @ Vivace
  • Attend Burgerama Wednesday @ Deluxe
  • Pet the cats @ Twice Sold Tales
  • Frame a favorite photo or print @ Frame Central
  • Get a makeover @ the Hair Connection
  • Get a massage @ the Massage Sanctuary
  • Take a chilly walk through Cal Anderson
  • Find a saucy outfit @ Crossroads

Monday, February 4, 2008

Caucus Info


Caucuses are happening at SCCC and the Capitol Hill Library Branch... to name a few.

Check here for your specific listing.

The Dems have this YouTube video out with more info.



You can figure out where to go here. Or just vote in the Primary... the WA Republicans allocate 49% of their delegates at the National Convention to the Primary winner.

No fancy YouTube video... but here's a PDF.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Really super-duper nice guy at All Seasons Cleaners

I ruled out going to All Seasons Cleaners the last time the front desk guy got mad at me for forgetting to tell him I had a coupon before they cleaned my 4 pairs of pants, instead of after as I was paying for them. It's unfounded, but it made me think that maybe they do a crappier job on orders with coupons, so they want to know beforehand. I started taking my business down the street, which was actually more convenient anyway and only slightly more expensive.

Well, I haven't been to a dry cleaner in months... I've been trying to cut down and save the enviro a bit. However, today I had 6 pairs of pants, two tops and a silk skirt that really needed to be cleaned by a pro. Knowing that the order was going to be pretty spendy, I dug up a 25% off coupon (you know they come every month in the ValPak mailers) and went back to All Seasons.

I'm not sure if they are under new management, or if the guy at the front desk was just new... but I was wowed. The service was quick and nice... somewhere between my house and the shop the coupon disappeared. He took it my word for it, and gave me the 25% off anyway. He noted how I hadn't been in in a while (from their computer records) and said he was new to town, from South Korea via Portland. Definitely a Cap-Hiller at heart. Super-duper nice and friendly.

Here's hoping they do a nice job on my stuff so I can continue using them.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Remodel happening at old Wing Dome location

I've seen crews demolishing the inside of the old Wing Dome the last couple of mornings on my way to work. That corner seems like a good location for a restaurant. Lots of foot traffic despite having zero parking. The Wing Dome wasn't enough of a draw for me. Looking forward to what comes next... anything is better than an empty building.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Things I should get around to doing...

I can't believe I've never done any of these things on Capitol Hill. They all seem like staples.

  • Eat at the Byzantion greek restaurant
  • Story Time @ Capitol Hill Library: Every Wednesday, 10:30am - 11am
  • Go to the Le Faux Cabaret at Julia's
  • Climb the watch tower at Volunteer Park

Hmm. Those middle two items are vastly different from one another.

Any other suggestions? What are some things that you have been neglecting to do on the hill?

p.s. Le Faux has a MySpace page.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Pedestrian news; New police beats

Some news from the SeattlePI over the last couple of days...

Tread carefully during dark days: Winter sees more traffic accidents
I take offense with this headline!! Shouldn't it read: "Drive carefully during dark days"? Why is the impetus on the pedestrian?

I'm glad to hear Seattle has a really tough law where drivers who hit pedestrians can be charged with assault. In the words of our City Attorney, "I would love to deter people from actions that injure other people, like careless and overly aggressive driving. They have to know it can have consequences. I would love this to be a deterrent to get people to slow down and obey the traffic laws. I hope it becomes the law statewide."

Our Pike/Broadway intersection is listed as one of the top 5 locations for traffic accidents.

Pine Street Zigzag could see changes

This would be nice... there are some unspecified changes that are going to be made to that stretch of Pine (just above Boren) where you have to walk on the South side of the street. I personally avoid this area for that reason, opting to shoot up Pike and through the dog park and instead on my walk home from work.

Seattle police working to a new set of beats
I noticed a police officer in the parking lot of Half Price Books last night and thought it was an odd place for him to be hanging out. I thought maybe it was just a general increase in patrols given the murder on 15th, but according to this article maybe it had something to do with the new beat zoning... Either way it was a welcome sight last night as that area can be really dark.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Elusive couch found down the street at City Home.

Great forward thinking from Pacific Interiors... they opened a satellite shop on Pike this Fall to serve the growing condo community on the hill. The store is called City Home. (Beware, their website is a little weird in Firefox.)

I made my way in there last weekend.

We've been looking for a couch for about 6 months now with no luck. Multiple trips to Southcenter (the mecca of home stores) came up short and I was somewhat resigned to (a) living with our back-up futon for a while and/or (b) settling for something so-so.

Who knew we'd end up finding the couch just down the street at City Home. I'm glad we held out. It has a great design with lots of movable parts... so it can lay out fully to become a bed. Or we can tip the back down to become a serving area or just more open seating. The seats can also slide out to make more of a chaise lounge.

I'd say a lot of their merchandise offers the same thing... creative, multi-purpose pieces with simple/classic lines and nice fabrics. Perfect for condo dwellers who have limited space. They also have some fun accessories.

Their website is not an online store, so it features just a limited number pieces. It gives you a general idea of their style though, like the ottoman seen above. This NW Source Review also has some photos. And there is another review you can read at One Rainy Day.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Running errands on foot.

I've been out of town this week, thus the lack of posting here. I was in LA of all places. The city where you have to have a car to survive...

So it was a great feeling today to run errands on Broadway on foot.

I hit Kinkos first, but only because I had a package that had to be shipped via FedEx. It was already to go and just needed to be dropped off, so I didn't have to deal with their employees there. Otherwise, I definitely prefer the Print & Copy at Broadway and John. Better service. Local.

I don't like that Kinkos so much so that I made a second stop at UPS to ship a second package.

The bank came next. Did you know the WaMu branch on Broadway has the most transactions of any other WaMu? That's what their manager told me anyway. Unfortunately, this visit wasn't as pleasant as others I've had. Chalk it up to someone not having their morning coffee.

Noahs next for my morning coffee (lest I get grouchy like the teller at WaMu) and a bagel.

Then the post office. You see it was a morning of getting things out the door that have been nagging me for weeks... I needed to send two letters to PO Boxes, which aren't serviced by UPS. I guess I could have consolidated everything into one, but it was a good excuse for a morning stroll down Broadway.

Friday, January 4, 2008

Kurrent Ice Bar = kold.

I hadn't realized the space formerly occupied by the Green Papaya (underneath the Press apartment building on the corner of Belmont and Pine) was filled by a new tenant. Kurrent opened way back in August... I'm behind the times, but I haven't been missing much in my opinion. (Sidenote: I also hadn't realized until last night that the Seahawks were in the playoffs.)

I made my way to Kurrent in the pouring rain last night, only to find a super cold, uninviting interior all the way down to the strip of ice down the bar and on the taps. Okay, okay, it's an "ice bar". "Kurrent"="modern", I get it. But the decor was a turn off. There has to be a way to do it in a more comfortable, inviting way. It felt sterile and boring.

We camped out on the high chairs and tables, both of which were wobbly. The seats near the fire looked more fulfilling, but were unfortunately already taken. I did peak my head in the back room as well, but found it stark and didn't want to get lost in its desolation. (We were the only customers in addition to those near the fireplace.)

I ordered a lemon drop... $7 on happy hour. It came in a tall, silver metal martini glass with about 2.5oz of liquid in it. It was tasty, but most of was spilled by the tipsy table before I had a chance to drink it.

I was prepared to try their food, but couldn't figure out how I was going to balance it with my drink and the table and my chair all moving in different directions. So I passed, and went to Mama's for a slice instead.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Thoughts on the NYE Murder

I haven't posted on the NYE murder of Shannon Harps on this blog yet, because, well, everyone else pretty much as it covered.

I'm obviously saddened by the events and I can't help but look at my neighbors a little differently now. At least until the suspect is taken into custody. (Note: Comments on the Capitol Hill Seattle blog indicate that this may have happened.)

There's a community meeting being set up if you want to talk about it and get more information. (Check the CHS blog for details.) I think it's a nice way for the community to come together, even if the suspect is taken into custody before it occurs. Unfortunately I will be out of town and cannot attend.

Reading about Shannon Harps' life reminds me of the great community we have here on Capitol Hill. We live among activists, creatives, families, students, professionals... We lost someone who was obviously a great addition to the neighborhood.

That said, I was really disappointed to hear some of the criticism of our homeless population when it was speculated that it was a random homeless person who committed the murder. We live in an urban environment where having homelessness is inevitable. There are lots of resources on the hill that help this population, which I welcome and wish I knew more about. (Here's a long list of them.)

So... I have an idea that I'm not sure if I'll be brave enough to carry out. I'd like do some random interviews on Broadway of the nice people who live in (or frequent) our neighborhood... Just grab people and ask them some questions, snap a photo and send them on their way. (I'll try not to turn into the Green Peace volunteers in front of QFC... hmm, they'd be fun to interview.)

Let me know if you have any ideas for questions to ask or interesting Broadway people (you know the ones that are always popping up) to interview.

I think it's very sad that we only heard about Shannon after her death. But I'm inspired to get out there and meet my neighbors...

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Panache Sale

Panache is having a 50% off practically everything sale right now...

It seems like all I write about is shopping and eating. Hmm, I should break out of that rut.

But seriously, Panache is having a 50% off practically everything sale right now...

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Here's to a great '08.

Happy New Year! Isn't the hill a great place for fireworks viewing? I was lucky enough to be in one of the three tallest buildings on Capitol Hill for the show. Too bad they were lame this year.

Even with the "glitch" delaying the start, I thought the whole show was pretty uninspired. There was lots of booing from our building. And the street.

It didn't ruin my New Year's though... think jello shots.

Choco-Cherry Jello Shots
Recipe makes about 27.

Two boxes cherry Jello
1 jar maraschino cherries (without stems)
Creme de Cacao
Chocolate "Magic Shell" ice cream topping
Whipped cream
Plastic shot glasses with lids
  • Soak cherries in rum for 24 hours
  • Put one cherry in each shot glass
  • Make jello with 2 cups boiling water, 1 cup vodka and 2/3 cup creme de cacao
  • Pour into shot glasses and chill
  • After they are solidified, top each shot with the Magic Shell topping. Put the lid on them and freeze for 10 minutes (or however long you need before serving, the jello won't freeze)
  • Top with whip cream and serve
Note: This is a modified recipe from here.