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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Really super-duper nice guy at All Seasons Cleaners

I ruled out going to All Seasons Cleaners the last time the front desk guy got mad at me for forgetting to tell him I had a coupon before they cleaned my 4 pairs of pants, instead of after as I was paying for them. It's unfounded, but it made me think that maybe they do a crappier job on orders with coupons, so they want to know beforehand. I started taking my business down the street, which was actually more convenient anyway and only slightly more expensive.

Well, I haven't been to a dry cleaner in months... I've been trying to cut down and save the enviro a bit. However, today I had 6 pairs of pants, two tops and a silk skirt that really needed to be cleaned by a pro. Knowing that the order was going to be pretty spendy, I dug up a 25% off coupon (you know they come every month in the ValPak mailers) and went back to All Seasons.

I'm not sure if they are under new management, or if the guy at the front desk was just new... but I was wowed. The service was quick and nice... somewhere between my house and the shop the coupon disappeared. He took it my word for it, and gave me the 25% off anyway. He noted how I hadn't been in in a while (from their computer records) and said he was new to town, from South Korea via Portland. Definitely a Cap-Hiller at heart. Super-duper nice and friendly.

Here's hoping they do a nice job on my stuff so I can continue using them.