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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Naming a neighborhood?

With the addition of Portland's Stumptown coffee on 12th Avenue to the lineup of interesting new places to that street, this street seems to be jumping onto the Capitol Hill center stage. And everyone knows that you can't have a hip neighborhood without a fun name! So I'm wondering what ideas readers might have for a name for this area.

Friday, September 7, 2007

Capitol Hill farmers' market displaced by condos?

Add a move for Broadway's market to the list of crimes against humanity caused by Seattle condo development.
A proposal to close off Nagle Place alongside Cal Anderson Park on Capitol Hill is one of the possible solutions to finding a home for the Broadway Sunday market, which has relied on a Bank of America parking lot. Nagle Place is one block east of Broadway. Because the market is on Sunday, it is not expected to conflict with Sound Transit light rail construction in that area, council members were told.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Things you'll like at Cafe Presse, things you won't

Ryan is a busy young man so figure we'll help out our Broadway neighbors with a post or two every now and again. Seattle Weekly has a mildly interesting take on 19 hours in the life of 12th Ave's Cafe Presse documenting the eatery's ebb and flow from breakfast to post-midnight snacking. Based on our visit to Presse and other eyewitness accounts we've documented from friends, here's our simple guide to the menu.

Things you'll like
The olives
The falafel
Le croque madame
Le grilled sardine sandwich
The draught Stella

Things you won't
The steak tartare
The salade ni├žoise

We look kind of boring de-suggesting the tartare and the nicoise while recommending falafel and beer but so be it. Feel free to counter/support in comments.

View the entire Cafe Presse menu here.