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Friday, December 28, 2007

I'm not sure how I feel about Peet's.

I'm not sure how I feel about Peet's coming to Capitol Hill.

When I saw the first signs of construction at their new location (directly across the street from Vivace, who is losing their location to the light rail next year) I found it somewhat opportunistic.

I'm torn though, because the building they are moving into could use a good tenant... If I'm remembering correctly, way back it was Kinkos, empty for a long while, then an African goods store and now Peet's.

It would be nice to have someone stick around for a while. And it seems like only a larger company like Peet's would be willing hold out during the demolition/construction that is going to happen across the street.

p.s. At least it's not a Starbucks.

"In just the 98102 ZIP code there is one Starbucks for every 0.27 square miles and for every 3,885 people," according to Foodio54.com.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Staying close to home for NYE...

The Stranger has pulled together a list of places to celebrate New Year's Eve around Seattle. There are lots of options for staying close to home here on the hill...

Neumos Masquerade Ball - $15
Mo Bar / VIP Room - $20
Linda's Tavern - Free
Wild Rose - Cost not listed.
Cha Cha Lounge - Free
Neighbors Underground - Cost not listed.
Havana - $20
Century Ballroom - $40
Smith - Free
Comet - $12

The Stranger article also lists all of the cab companies with contact info.

Other options not listed by the Stranger:

Capitol Hill Arts Center - $35
I Heart Shiva @ The Baltic Room - $30
Chop Suey (w/ Dudley Manlove Quartet) - $20
The War Room - $20

Tree Recycling

Just a reminder that you can put your Christmas trees out for recycling with your regular garbage until January 13th.

The trees should be cut into sections that are 6ft or smaller. (Some websites say 3ft.) Bundle the tree up wtih string or twine.

Flocking or tinsel left on the tree will cost extra.

I'm not sure if this is also the case for apartment or condo dwellers. So, alternatively you can take your tree to the Seattle Public Utilities Disposal Stations through January 13th.

North Seattle Recycling and Disposal Station

South Seattle Recycling Disposal Station

Friday, December 21, 2007

Pagliacci Seasons Greetings

These little poinsetta flowers at Pagliacci are self watering... How festive.

I'm off to Bend, Oregon for the long weekend. Have a great Christmas!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Holiday Shopping: Pepper Vodka

Store: Washington Liquor Store #42 (400 Broadway E)

Pick up some cheap vodka from the Broadway liquor store and infuse it with some hot peppers. (This is a good recipe.) Once it is done infusing, strain it and pour back into the same bottle or a fancy one you might pick up from one of the many import stores on the hill.

This takes a little prep work, but there is still time to make a few batches of these before Christmas. At the very least, it would be ready for New Years.

Alternative gifts from the liquor store:
  • Baileys wtih a bag of Vivace coffee
  • Peppermint schapps and hot chocolate mix
  • Airplane bottles of vodka for the stockings!
Mmmm! Is it the weekend yet?

Sweet stuff in the neighborhood

Daily Candy's local edition is asking readers to choose Seattle's sweetest things. Two of the neighborhood's newbies are in the mix in the Word of Mouth division. Take a minute to cast your vote for Quinn's or Cafe Presse.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Holiday Shopping: Movie Lover

Store: Broadway Market Video (813 E Republican)

There's something nice about supporting your local video store. I like the idea of tucking one of these passes into a stocking or coupling it with a popcorn popper.

Holiday Shopping: Chocolate stocking stuffers

Store: Dilettante Chocolate (416 Broadway E)

Dilettante has a selection of Christmas themed chocolates that would be great for stocking stuffers.

What to buy:
  • Assorted chocolates from the case.
  • Truffles in a pre-wrapped box. (I think these were $11.50.)
  • Bags of foil wrapped chocolates.
  • Chocolate Santas from $5 to $55. Biting off the head of a chocolate Santa is bad enough when it's small. The large one was almost the size of a baby. Imaging breaking that open and eating it...

Holiday Shopping: Hostess gifts at QFC

Store: QFC

While buying cookie making supplies this weekend I noticed that QFC has some decent hostess type gifts for the holidays. These could also double as gifts for your families, friends, coworkers, or neighbors if you're in a pinch.

What to buy:
  • StellaMare candles: Soy candles with nice scents around $10.
  • Wine: They have a decent selection PLUS some nice accessories to make it look like you didn't just go and grab any old bottle of wine. Check out their velvet wine bags ($5) and wine tags ($2/4) in their gift wrap and/or Christmas section.
  • Burts Bees: Yummy body butter, lotion and hand soap options.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Holiday Shopping: Last few days to send packages!

The UPS Store (410 Broadway E) has extended hours this week. They are open 8am to 7:30pm, adding an extra hour to their regular weekday and Saturday schedule. They are also open on Sunday.

Believe me the lines are much shorter with UPS... they also offer regular USPS options.

It's now or never to get those packages out the door!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Holiday Shopping: Loveless Building

I rarely venture to the far end of Broadway, but was tempted by the Joe Bar's crepes yesterday morning. The Loveless Building holds 5 somewhat higher end shops, and is completely decked out in holiday lights right now.

Kobo Shop & Gallery: The theme of this shop is generally Asian inspired, although there's somewhat of a mix. I enjoyed their tea cup selection, jewelry (pictured) and array of design books. I purchased some silver leaf ornaments to adorn some jar candles I'm giving to girlfriends. [website]
Massage Sanctuary: Gift certificates are available for all of their services seen here. A great stocking stuffer idea.

Magnotti Jewels: I had no idea we had a super fancy, custom jeweler on the hill. They have a picture of Jessica Simpson in their front window, holding a huge ring. [website]

Presence: Art of Living: Clothing and accessories for men and women. I really liked their selection of hats for men.

Adventure Travel: I could use a vacation right now! [website]

While you're thinking of the Loveless Building and the far end of Broadway, check out the Joe Bar's TV commercial.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Wassail Winter Ale @ The Deluxe

The Deluxe has a nice selection of Winter drinks right now... I tried the Full Sail Wassail Winter Ale that they have on tap last night. And for a dark beer, which I don't generally like, it was very good. Kind of spicy sweet.

Some other Wintery drinks that I remember are a Hot Buttered Rum and a hot chocolate concoction with peppermint schnapps and some other mixings.

I also have to say that Eric is my favorite waiter there. I totally have a crush on him.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Another Capitol Hill fire

Eyewitness reports a second Capitol Hill fire tonight -- the first was an early morning blaze at a plumbing business on 12th Ave. E. Oddly enough, tonight's second fire was at 733 Summit Ave E., listed on the always trustworthy Internet as a janitorial service of some sort. Coincidence? I have no idea how many fires there are every day on Capitol Hill. How many fires are there involving janitors and plumbers?

The 98102 blog

Quick note to welcome a new neighborhood blog to the mix -- 98102.net is part of the MyZip.net neighborhood project I'm working on.

Route 8 upgrades in works...

This is great news for anyone who takes the route 8 bus from Capitol Hill to Queen Anne.

Route 8 bus service will increase to every 15 minutes, instead of its current every 30 minutes schedule. Local businesses are footing some of the bill.

Orphan Road suggests that this might not solve all of the routes problems, as the main issue is with heavy traffic and reliability not frequency.

I often grab the 8 when heading down to the Seattle Center from Capitol Hill. But I generally take a cab home to avoid waiting on the somewhat desolate, dark and traffic ridden Denny for a bus that may or may not come in the next hour. At least with the increased frequency the wait time, even with delays, would improve. I think I could handle a 30 minute wait tops.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Holiday Shopping: A book for everyone on your list

Store: Bailey & Coy (414 Broadway Ave E)

I love Bailey & Coy's selection. You could fine everyone on your list a book that they would enjoy. They also have a small, but very good selection of kids toys. Journals. As well as Christmas cards and wrapping.

What I bought: I can't say. But below are some good options.

Bailey & Coy carries the Rat City Roller Girls 2008 calendar called "The Year of the Wenches". Proceeds go toward the league. $20. (You can also buy it directly through RCRG here.)

A selection of recipes that my mother's mother probably made.

A book for your urbanite friends...
And something educational for the kids. This is the second book in the series. It goes through lots of different kinds of art. Very approachable for someone in 2nd grade and up, I'd say.

Old Broadway QFC is coming down

The good people at the West Seattle Blog are tireless in keeping their neighborhood entertained and informed. They even have enough newsgathering energy to cover Capitol Hill. Here's a note we just received from WSB:
we were down covering the demolition of one of West Seattle's premier eyesores (a Schuck's store at a prominent intersection that has been closed since a fire several years ago and has since become a tagging magnet etc.) and the crew told us they have to be done within a couple days because next week they will be in your hood tearing down the old QFC etc.
Sounds like Broadway's premier eyesore is finally coming down. Unless there's something going on up on 15th Ave. E. we're not aware of.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Holiday Shopping: Stocking Stuffers

Store: Bliss Soaps (619 Broadway E)

Bath bombs, soaps, lotions... great stocking stuffers. Their holiday offerings include:
  • Wreath shaped bath bombs
  • Bath bomb / body wash combo in the shape of snowmen
  • Mistletoe, peppermint, hot buttered rum, cranberry scents
  • Glittery bath bombs
What I purchased: I bought a hot buttered rum bomb for myself. It's not going to be around long enough to make it into my stocking though.

(Photo from Yelp.com.)

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Holiday Shopping: DIY Jewelry

Store: World Beads (621 Broadway Ave E)

Make your own jewelry (or other fun beaded stuff) for your girlfriends, sisters, moms... I love that this little bead store actually survives on Broadway. They have all of your basic supplies and a nice selection of beads.

What I purchased: Seed beads to make some wine glass charms. I'm thinking boss and other ladies at work. (Note: The beads in the photo are not the ones I bought from World Beads. :))

I wish I were this talented: Lucille Ball Bracelet

Sunday, December 9, 2007

The Toothpaste Effect

It concerns me that the mayor's increase in police presence in the downtown Pike/Pine area has pushed drug activity into our neighborhood.

Anyone else notice a lot more people picking at their scabs on Broadway this weekend? Or has it been like this and I just don't get out enough?

Note: The next paragraph is really gross. I should write it up for the Strangers Hot Tipper.

I saw one person using a nail clipper to pick at a large sore on the top of his head while walking to Bimbos for dinner yesterday. That was not a pretty sight to see before eating.

Ironically, I smashed my own head today and had to have 6 staples put in... I expect to have a similar scab.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Vertigo models take second job as elves.

I couldn't help it. This site is great.

Elf Yourself

(Be prepared for loud Christmas music when you click on the link.)

Friday, December 7, 2007

Holiday Shopping: Arty Sister

Store: Aprie (310 Broadway E)

I like Aprie because it seems more affordable than your run of the mill Belltown boutiques. They have unique clothing and jewelry... great for the little sister who is in art school.

What I purchased: Nothing. Unfortunately I already purchased my little sis' Christmas gift. What I would have purchased though... A navy blue Free People henley, on sale for 25% off.

PI article on City Market's sign artist

I love the funny signs for City Market...

Cain Moorehead, the store manager and sign creator, was featured in this PI article this week.

Under the Needle: City Market signs tell tales of the high-profile

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Holiday Shopping: Work Party Gift Exchange

I figured I'd post some Broadway holiday shopping ideas here over the next little while. I'm an over achiever (and an online shopping guru) and pretty much have my Christmas gift list completed. That doesn't mean I won't continue perusing the fun shops on Broadway though.

So, to start...

Store: Urban Outfitters

Lots of funky, random, fun items. Perfect for work party gift exchanges.

What I purchased:
A make your own snow globe (with the intention of putting an incriminating photo of a coworker in it, but I ran out of time) and a gold mini piggy bank.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Sipping a double ephemera hot chocolate.

Sitting in the Westlake Dilettante yesterday (and the day before that actually... long story), made me think that our Dilettante on Broadway could use a face lift.

The pic above is from my camera phone. See the shiny-ness?

Broadway's has a better selection of chocolates, and a larger menu. But it'd be great to also have a cozy space to sit and sip a double ephemera hot chocolate. Yum!

Sunday, December 2, 2007

I got Vertigo and threw up.

The Vertigo condo conversion seemed innocuous at first... actually, the apartment building that was being remodeled really needed a touch up. I was pleased to see the first signs of construction...

Until the first external paint job came around. Urbnlivn.com gave it the title "Ugliest Condo Building in Seattle".

They have since redone the color scheme, but have definitely earned the disdain of their neighbors. Someone in particular has taken it up with the woman featured in their marketing.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

I finally made it to Artemis...

I've known about the Artemis Cafe & Bar since before they opened their doors, as I indirectly know both of the owners.

It took this review in the Seattle Weekly to finally get down there... It's hidden, very nicely, at the corner of "Bellevue, Bellevue, Bellevue", which is pretty much northwestern-most part of the Hill.

We arrived at about 7:30pm last night with no reservation. (I'm not sure if reservations are available, actually.) With a 40 minute wait ahead of us, we were quickly ushered to the bar where we tried their Lady Sidecar (very good) and another mixed drink concoction... I can't remember the name. Midnight something... also very good.

The wait time couldn't have been as long as predicted. Before long we were seated, very luckily, in the back section near their large window overlooking Queen Anne, the lake and the Space Needle. I was super impressed with the atmosphere... The restaurant is a converted neighborhood grocery market. Now it's flush with deep, rich hues of red and prussian blue. Warm lighting.

With three people in our party we went for two large plates and two small plates, including:
  1. (Small) Fava bean hummas with pita slices
  2. (Small) Seared tuna with an olive topping
  3. (Large) Chicken tagine with cous cous (We had to look this up on a cell phone before ordering. I heard the table next to us asking what "tagine" meant as well.)
  4. (Large) Paella
I'm not a foodie by any means, but everything was very good. My favorite was the seared tuna, by far.

I was also impressed with the chicken tagine... I don't usually like chicken, as it's typically hidden under a layer of seasoning. This dish, however, had a kind of light flavor that was slightly sweet.

I'm looking forward to going back. They had a schedule of jazz trios coming in on Saturdays throughout December. And they are having a New Year's Eve dinner with a special menu that would be very tempting if I weren't already hosting a party of my own.