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Thursday, May 8, 2008

Biking on Broadway

I had the chance to ride my bike down Broadway and back on my way to a doctor's appointment today. I'm not a very good bicyclist... actually this is my first ride on the bike in at least a year and a half. I just had it fixed up again at Velo, and decided it was time to break it out for a quick ride over to Swedish.

Not having had much experience riding recently, I was a little nervous. But I have to say that I found Broadway to be pretty darn bicycle-friendly in terms of other cars. People were curteous... didn't turn in front of me, didn't race to get ahead of me, etc. I did keep a special eye out for people opening their doors in parked cars, however... I'm not that bicycle-naive.

My only qualms about my ride were that the road is uneven and crazy bumpy in some areas. And once I got to my destination (one of the Swedish buildings way south on Broadway), there were no bike racks in sight. I ended up parking in the Seattle U campus and walking a block or so.

Any other bike riders out there? What are the best bike routes on the hill?